Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center -- CHENGDU MODE OF EXHIBITION INDUSTRY, displays various brilliances

Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center is located in Tianfu New Town, the high-tech district of Chengdu with an area of 1,500 mu and a total construction area of 2 million m2. It was constructed at the end of 2003, partly put into use in 2005, and fully completed in early 2008.
It isn't a city, but a center of unprecedented city size. The century city project has a super large "Expo City" style, including many hardware and software facilities such as convention and exhibition halls, star-rated hotels, business offices, leisure and shopping, beverage and entertainment, culture and tourism, and a living community. Based on providing services for exhibitions, it is not only an important support for Chengdu to build an exhibition capital which radiates to China and opens to the world, it also provides service for this city with a systematic urban public construction auxiliary system. This stimulates the regional economy, promotes urban construction, and enhances the overall image of Chengdu with conferences and tourism. Insiders call it "CHENGDU MODE OF EXHIBITION INDUSTRY."

The Century City International Exhibition Center consists of nine main exhibition buildings and eight auxiliary halls. The indoor and outdoor exhibition area is 140,000 m2. It is one of China's best venues with excellent exhibiting halls and excellent utilizing efficiency. This center was approved by UFI in 2006 and rewarded with many industry honors as "China's efficiently-managed exhibition venue", "the most competitive enterprise of China's exhibition industry".
Century City International Exhibition Center has hundreds of exhibitions annually, and up until recently, it organized thousands of exhibitions with a total number of visitors topping 30 million. Apart from organizing large scale exhibitions such as the Western China International Fair, China's International Sports Products Expo, China National Sugar & Alcohol Trade Fair etc., the group also creates its own exhibition brand - the Chengdu International Motor Show.

Century City International Convention Center has a construction area of about 100,000 m2. It is one of China's most completed, most multifunctional, most modern international convention centers. Among them, the Crystal Hall, the biggest astylar banqueting hall in western China with an area of nearly 2,800 m2, can accommodate 2,800 guests. It is the first choice for organizing many high-level conferences, forums, summits and companies’ annual meetings inside and outside of China.

Skillfully mixing the international style with regional characters in the field of decoration and layout, its unique style and extraordinary temperament perfectly cooperates with service system of InterContinental brand. The InterContinental Century City Chengdu is awarded many prizes such as 5A GOLDEN LEAF GREEN HOTEL and CHINA'S HOTEL STARLIGHT AWARD - CHINA'S TOP TEN MOST ATTRACTIVE HOTEL by the China Hotel Association.
In 2006, ETG signed a strategic cooperation agreement with IHG, and now has become the world's largest strategic partner of IHG.

Holiday Inn Chengdu Century City

West Tower

East Tower

With a construction area of over 8200 m2, century city flagship store of ShunXing represents a typical Sichuan tea culture masterpiece with a unique "neo-classical" style.

As a high range residential property developed by the exhibition real estate company, the Swan Lake Neighborhood was opened to sell in 2007. It originates a new residential style of "elevator apartment + villa" to create an urban forest, a home in the forest.

Fashion Paradise Shopping District

The Fashion Paradise Shopping District has a total construction area of 140,000 m2 with the whole length of 1.5 km. It has international brand clothing shops, Chinese and foreign cuisine, bars, home living facilities, private clubs and other facilities. It is an important part of the southern Chengdu business circle.

The Western Sichuan Corridor is located among the Intercontinental Hotel, the Holiday Inn and the International Convention Center. It consists of 12 independent buildings with areas of hundreds or thousands of square meters and original western Sichuan architectural style. It is a unique area with travel, culture and restaurants all in one. All buildings in this block are mainly in the western Sichuan architectural style, Italian cafes, bars, art galleries, ShunXing Ancient Tea House Restaurant. Well-proportioned buildings scatter the neighborhood, and combined with Chinese and Western styles the entire neighborhood is neat and graceful. It is a shining pearl of the Century City.

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